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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 22, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 22 2018 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 22 April 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Ab...

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Sun. Morning - 4.22.18

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Sunday Morning, April 22, 2018. All guest posts that are more than 3-5 paragraphs in length, or deemed important, or contains images, or is a response to another post may be considered as a standalone post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted.

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"Re: Nothing is as it Seems"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:58 AM EDT on April 22, 2018

"Nothing is as it Seems" by Rosestillarose - 4.21.18

I wasn't aware that there is a policy of hierarchy on this website.

Evidently some apparently think so. To me, each day is a new day.

Some seem to think because they post frequently, and/or long arduous, often nonsensical, banal material intended to be something of substance or elevation, that they should also contribute an opinion on a new post rather than just let it be and stand on its own. Indeed, they feel they must muddy it all up and distort it just because. It's almost like they feel a need to be territorial and vomit all over fresh new twists... Just for the "principle" of the matter. And they do it in an annoying espousal of overly exagerated self-perception of wisdom. Oh well, human nature. We haven't come far yet.

"Re: Going After the Kings, Part 5" by BS Blaster - 4.22.18

Entry Submitted by BS Blaster at 2:52 AM EDT on April 22, 2018

"Going After the Kings, Part 5" - GCR/RV SPEAK Update - Tank - 4.21.18

Dear Tank,

Firstly, your heart is pure and in the right place, (in my estimation). Secondly, you are not a foolish man.

Therefore, I think it can be safely concluded that your judgement of Kim Possible must have merit.

However, this is a lot to take in. Respectfully, can you answer this question for further understanding:

If the nasty evil King gave the puppets until 2012 to complete the assignment of destroying 90% of humanity and enslaving the rest, and the puppets failed, well, then why would the proposition of returning the wealth to humanity even exist? Wouldn't the evil King or agents just take the wealth off planet and leave us all to perish or destroy us before leaving? Or, being so powerful, why wouldn't he via his 'agents' just engage their Galactic co-horts to finish the job?

Why diddle around another Five years?

Unless of course, benevolent Prime Creator sent in benevolent forces to match malevolent King's forces and we are now in a spiritual war, to hash out the ending. To my understanding, thats what happened. And that includes the 'Alliance' and Trump, and we are winning.

So who is who and what is what?

So what can we as the little slaves do exactly? What can one or Many of one do?

And how can we do it without interfering with the plan of the Alliance, who is presumably risking life and limb to save us. As far as we can tell, that's all we got!

The question popping into some people's minds is probably this:

If Kim watched, looked, listened and played the role but wasn't on the side of the Kings puppets/agents, however did she get to such a level to begin with? And does a leopard transform for good.

Could the wall and the train be funded for political gain, presuming she actually did fund them? Is this back room dealing dejuve all over again. Could this lead to deals to complete the Kings plan?

I am of the belief that we are ready to become engaged and unapethic about our involvement in a favorable outcome, but we need a plan that doesn't subvert and cancel out the plan of the Alliance. I trust Trump, and hence I trust the plan. Whatever it is.

Is there any more insight that you can offer for curious, diligent, sincere slaves who want to help, but find it too incredulous and confusing.

Yours truly,

-BS Blaster

"Re: Going After the Kings, Part 5" by blueray - 4.22.18

Entry Submitted by blueray at 2:49 AM EDT on April 22, 2018

"Going After the Kings, Part 5" - GCR/RV SPEAK Update - Tank - 4.21.18

Thank you for the history lesson regarding the ' Crown.' I would be curious to know this crown guys actual name. My " discernment " tells me to listen to what you have to say, with reservations. No alarm bells yet. Keep it up.

I'm somewhat confused by your recommendation : " You should be inspired to reach out to your Congressman, Senator, or local CitBanker . ." You described them earlier as minions in the "Crown" chain of command. Aren't they bought & paid for already ? It's clear that our interests are of no consequence to them. Conversely, these same government figureheads know they are only a plane crash or a "suicide" away from elimination. Doesn't seem realistic that we could inspire a change of heart short of an outright revolution. At this stage of the game, writing letters doesn't seem like an effective path to useful change.

If 'he' had a 13,000 year reign, sounds like an alien to me. Is that what you were hinting at ? If so, it's out of our league. Where are those benevolent ET's ? Kent Dunn is probably too busy with those flat earth tours. Maybe we could call somebody else.

You can't effectively negotiate with criminals. Our present dilemma proves that. I had high hopes for those " mass arrests." That would seem the most realistic way to end this stalemate. They won't hinder progress if they are simply gone. Can't understand why they haven't started yet. Maybe they have & it's a secret. No doubt we commoners will be the last to know. The choice seems easy to me : thousands of children starving per day versus taking down the Rothschild's, et al. Only one choice is morally acceptable.

Thanks, Tank.


"Field McConnell has his Wish Come True" by DJM - 4.22.18

Entry Submitted by DJM at 1:56 AM EDT on April 22, 2018




























"Re: Is Q Anon the Real Deal?" by Mom - 4.22.18

Entry Submitted by Mom at 1:07 AM EDT on April 22, 2018

"Is Q Anon the Real Deal?" by Sierra (NZ) - 4.21.18

Sierra, I love your posts! I have been doing my research, and have been red pilled before a friend introduced me to the RV. Through all of my research, discernment, everything just fits together. “Q” is like the glue that holds the pieces of intel together. I would just like to say, that if anyone has any doubts about the intel that Q provides, do your own research. There are some youtube links, and Q post links that I follow.



Jordan Sather is awesome, as is Anti School,



Point being, keep an open mind, do some research. I am so excited for all of us, there are big things happening for the betterment of us all! God bless all the world!

Love and Light to all!


"Can't Stop the Spirits When they Need you" by E-J - 4.22.18

Entry Submitted by E-J at 1:04 AM EDT on April 22, 2018

Hey There My Family Of Light ....

The Following Story Is True , If You Have A Few Minutes Spare To Read It ...

20 Years ago I was living in London , it was the middle of winter and I had a trip planned to South Africa mid January to get a Sun Fix , and catch up with Friends and Family ..

It was January and I had landed In Cape -Town to catch up with friends that lived there . Most of my friends were in the Outdoor party scene and arranged large outdoor parties in and around Cape-town ..

They had planned an outdoor party for about 1000 people , an hour out of Capetown on a Farm . We went up a couple days early in a convoy to set up the sound rig and lighting , and to get all the props and effects in place and tested ready for party night ....

We got all set up and party night arrived , every thing went and worked effortlessly all night , a lot of Dancing and a Lot of Smiles were had by all , perfect weather , good DJ's , great night to be Alive ..

I caught up with friends I had not seen in many years and boogied all night long till the Sun came up . It was mid morning and the African Sun was beating down on us , so we all decided it was time to go chill at the Dam the farm had , and Cool off in the water ...

We arrived at the Dam , there was all ready about 100 hundred people chilling in the water and lazing about in the Sun ...

As we were getting settled in and chatting away to some friends , a guy called " Raymond " which I had met a few hours earlier on the dance floor via a very good friend of mine .

Ran passed us and Dove into the Murky Dam Water head first , he was under the water a while and for some reason I took notice of this , no one else had , next thing he popped up a few meters away from where he dove in face down , arms outstretched not moving , just floating along ..

I waited a few seconds and ran down the steep embankment as I don't dive into water I can't the bottom of as a Rule , I started swimming out to Raymond . As I arrived at Raymond he suddenly got up and looked at Me , Laughed saying " I Got You Good Bro " ...

I told him Off saying Not to play like that as it was Not Funny , as we had been up all night taking Drugs , as had most of the party . I've been Very open an honest about my past drug use Family , Please read on ...

Raymond just nodded his head and climbed out the water , a few minutes later he came running towards the water again and dove in head first as he had done previously ...

The same again he was under water for a few seconds , and then up he popped a few meters away , face down again .....

I looked at this again for a few seconds and noticed his head moving from side to side but not his arms and realised some thing was not right by his movement ..

I ran down the steep embankment again and swam over to Raymond as Fast as I could , when I reached him he was still face down , I turned him over on his back , now normally in Water Rescue you lay the person on there back and place one hand under there chin and swim out this way , the one hand keeping there head above the water , but you have one hand free to swim with . I had done a few Bush camps in high school and water rescue was one of the things we learnt ...

But for some reason I automatically grabbed him under his Arm Pits and Swam out that way , much harder to do by the way ..

We soon reached the steep embankment and I managed Drag Raymond out about halfway , his upper body out the water but legs still in , the embankment was very slippery and wet ..

Some one offerd us a towel to put under his head as I assessed the situation . Raymonds head was bleeding from the Very Top of his Skull and there was Blood Every Where running down his face and all over his ears . I was holding his one hand in my hand and it was placed on top of his chest , so I could reassure him as he lay there ...

We asked some one to call an Ambulance [ pre mobile phone days ] , so , some one ran up to the farm house to call an Ambulance ...

I Kept Eye Contact and Rhythmically Squeezed his hand . He kept on saying to me " E-J I Can't Feel My Legs , All I Can Feel Is You Squeezing My Hand " , I kept on reassuring him , he would be OK and that in my off road racing days , things like this happened all the time [ it was a lie but he did not need to know that at the time ] , he was Hurt Real Bad ...

Now we had about hundred , coming off drugs party goers offering Raymond and I advice , any thing from , Close your eyes Man and imagine a white sandy beach, and a few more very Useless suggestions . Him closing his eyes was the Last thing I wanted ...

I told Every One to " Fuck Off " and " And Back The Fuck Away " we're my exact words , I told Raymond , just to keep Focused on my Eyes , and nothing else ...

My Hands were covered in Blood by now as was his whole Face , Suddenly Both Raymond's began Rolling back into his Skull as he was loosing Conscisusnous , I Slapped him really hard a few times to wake him up and said " Raymond I Need You To Stay With Me and Focus On Me " , after a few seconds his Eyes rolled back and he was looking at me again ...

Next the Ambulance arrived and I helped them get Raymond on the stretcher and into the Ambulance , all the while talking to him Calmly and making Bad Jokes to keep him distracted , i drove in the back of the Ambulancewith him , Never letting go of his hand and keeping eye contact All The Time ...

We arrived at the hospital and I helped them X-Ray Raymonds neck and shoulders , never leaving leaving his side and helping the Medical staff with lifting , explaining to Raymond the whole time what we were doing ..

A few minutes after the X-Ray , the Doctor pulls me to one side and shows me Raymonds X-Ray , basically He Crushed his 5th and 6 th Vertebra when he hit his head on a stump underneath the water , so his full body weight was transferred onto his neck ...

Doctor looked at me and Said ," Your Friend Is Paralysed , He Will NEVER Walk Again " ....

I said Nothing to Raymond as it would Not Help his situation at all ....

As they were prepping him for Surgery as time is of the essence before the Swelling sets in , there is a short window to operate . I had to come clean and tell the Doctor about all the Drugs Raymond had had the night before , as Anaesthesia is a Fine Art and if I did not say any thing about the Drugs , it could Kill him with to much Anesthetic . The Doctor listened to me but was not impressed at all ...

Raymond made me write down his Mothers Telephone number , and asked Me to call her and let her know what had happened to him . So as they were wheeling Him off to Operating Theatre I went to call his Mum , now remember I had only met Raymond a few hours earlier and did not know his Mum or Family . They lived about 5 hours away up the east coast , I called and spoke to his mother and Calmly told her what happened and that they should come to the Hospital straight away as Raymond was in Surgery now ...

As I Finished My Phone Call With Raymonds Mum , My Knees Just Buckled and I Broke Down Sobbing Like A Child , I Just Lay There On The Floor Crying My Eyes Out ...

The Last Few Hours Had Been So Intense Being Strong For Raymond , , And I Had Been Up For 24 Hours On Mind Altering Drugs To , I Was Energetically Drained ....

By then a few of my friends had arrived at the Hostpital from the party , Raymond was in Surgery his Parents on the way , nothing more we could do , we still had to go back to the party and pack up that day , a few of Raymond's friends stayed but we left to go pack up ...

The next few days , I was in a Dream State , I don't remember much of them . Raymond was moved after Surgery to one of the Best Spinal Hospitals in South Africa , and by the way the Surgeon that operated on Raymond happened to be of the Best Spinal Surgeons in South Africa , " Divine Intervention " ..

We went to go see Raymond a few days after his operation , we gave him time to settle in , and his whole family was there by then , brothers and all ....

This Next Part I Never Fully Understood , Never Have Till This Day ? . As I Walked Into His Hospital Room and Introduced Myself To His Parents . His Mother Just Looked At Me And Walked Out The Room , Whilst The Father Just Gave Me The Shittiest Look I Have Ever Had and Would Not Shake My Hand ??? ....

They Never Thanked Me For Savings Raymonds Life , Just Dirty Looks , That Really Hurt Me For a Very Long Time , Still Don't Know Why ?? , Not That I Needed Thanks From Them , But I All So Did Not Negative Energy Off Them Either ...

One night when I was visiting Raymond in Hospital and it was just Him and I , he looked at me and said " Thank You E-J , for saving my life , I was Drowning and I was thinking is E-J going to come Save Me Again " , as he had cried wolf a few minutes earlier before I jumped in ...

I had to leave a few days later to return to London , I went t go visit Raymond one last time . He was Paralysed from The Neck Down by the way and all the doctors told him to his face he would NEVER walk again . Just before I left , he said " E-J Look At This " , he Moved one finger on his right hand a few millimetres , he had The Biggest Smile on his Face Ever , i will NEVER Forget that Smile ...

I returned to London and got reports from friends every now and then as to how Raymond was doing in South Africa ...

About 6 months later I got a call early one morning on my landline in London , after a few seconds I finally worked out it was Raymond on the other end ....

He Was At Heathrow Airport , He Had Come To Find Work In London ...

In those 6 months he Learnt how to Walk Again , Use His Arms and Every Movement We Take For Granted . The Medical Proffesion To This Day , Has NO Answer As To How Raymond Can Even Walk ...

He told every one around him that said " You Will Never Walk Again " , " I Will Show You All " and He DID ...

" We Create Our Own Reality , The Only Limits We Have Are The Ones We Place On Our Selves " ....

He currently lives and works in Dubai , he is active , a bit wobbly on his feet some times , but leads a perfectly normal life other wise , Loves Mountain Biking all though he does Sea Kayaking now as Dubai is not known for its Mountains ..

Those Few Hours With Raymond And His Will To Walk Again , Have Stuck With Me Through The Last 20 Years Of My Life , I Learnt Never To Feel Sorry For My Self Ever Again , Even After My Terrible Face Crushing Motorbike Accident 10 Years Later , Where I Had My Face Peeled Off , And My Skull Rebuilt With Metal [ Titanium ] And Pins ...

Raymond Was The 1st Thing After Hitting That Fence With My Head , I Thought Of , Thinking I Was Going To Be Blind In My Left Eye But Thinking Of Him Being Told You Won't Walk Again ...

So My Injuries Were Minor In Comparison I Thought As I Lay There Bleeding Badly In Pain ...

In Those Few Hours Helping Raymond , Not Once Did I Think About Any Thing , NOT ONCE , I Was GUIDED Every Step Of To Way ...


We Are About To Have Access To The Larger Portion Of Our Selves ....


Real Picture , Robbie Maddison Surfing A Wave In Hawaii On A Modified Off Road Bike , What A Cool World We Live In ....

So Like I Said ....

" Can't Stop The Spirits When They Need, This Life Is More Than Just a Read Through " ...

Raymond and I Made A Promise To Each Other 20 Years Ago In That Hospital , That We Would Ride Off Road Motorbikes Around The Desert In Namibia ( South West Africa ) With Each Other ...

After We RV , I Intend To keep That Promise To Him ( Maybe even a Medbed to get him Fully healed to ) ...

Your Loving Brother ...

E-J ...

This Is Where The World ALL Makes Sense to ME ...

Ps: To All My Friends , Sorry I Have Not Been In Contact Lately , Real Life and Energetic Uploads and Downloads Have Kinda Been All I've Been Able To Deal With ...

" I Do Miss You and Love You All "

Look I Did Not Harm The Bunny ...

0010110 0010110 0010110

"Re: Apology to Sierra" by BS Buster - 4.22.18

Entry Submitted by BS Buster at 12:58 AM EDT on April 22, 2018

"Apology to Sierra" by Pat - 4.21.18

With regard to your posted apology Pat, my deepest respect and thanks.

I agree with everthing you said, and hence I too apologize for ripping you, as I was the Anonymous "Well,Well,Well...Censorship?" poster.

The thing is, we're not in the trenches with Q and Trump, and the Alliance, risking life and limb 24/7.

We have easy chairs in comparison, watching the drama unfold. To be spiritual is to not judge how another handles stress. That's all. We owe them the right to vent. It's the least we can do.

To me anyway, the role they play is the most spiritually advanced of all. They sacrifice creature comforts you and I still have. GOD knows their SOULS and intent, our preference for non division is rather mute, beside the point, and trivial.

We all appreciate you too Sierra. Thanks.

Peace and Love

BS Buster


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